Is it Possible to Live Forever with Unlimited Energy?

Here is Justin Hall-Tipping revealing several game changing sources of power. Justin tells us that the power plant of tomorrow is no power plant, and the electrical grid of tomorrow is no grid.

At home, our windows will have thin flexible see through material made from solar plastic creating electricity and carbon nanotubes that can let in heat and light or send it away with a small quick jolt of electricity. Justin Hall-Tipping is helping to develop another thin film nanomaterial that is made up of a detector and an imager that receives infrared light and converts it into electrons, allowing the imager to produce the object in the visible spectrum, so that we will see in the dark without a light source (NIRvision). This will reduce energy usage by wearing glasses or contacts at night, made by NIRvision. Without turning the lights on, we will easily see everything at night. Since this material converts infrared energy into an electron, it can be combined with carbon nanotube film to create, distribute, and store energy in the dark. As Justin says “The power plant of tomorrow is no power plant.” New technology to store energy will replace today’s battery with an autonomous energy storage system (eBox) for the home, that can store and transition the use of power from different sources. Carbon nanotube film can also send energy by line of sight transmission to another building without the use of wires.

The natural ebb and flow of our ocean tides create a great opportunity for communities living near the oceans of the world. As tidal pressure rises and falls during the day, night energy converters will create electricity from kinetic motion from tidal pressure. These new tidal energy to electricity convertors will make it cheaper to run desalination plants to convert ocean water to fresh water that is so desperately needed around the world. Currently brackish water from inland sources is used because it is 10 times cheaper than desalinating ocean water. This cheap source of energy will allow the world populations to vastly increase its fresh water supply as desalination of the oceans becomes inexpensive. Neighborhood and household nuclear reactors are also in development that will use nuclear waste and thorium, to last for decades without any maintenance.  We are also planning on beaming energy from space? With unlimited energy everywhere, this changes everything. that you have been told. The power to perform tasks is being looked at differently as we learn how to manipulate our world with subatomic quantum properties. Light and sound waves of infrared, ultraviolet, and ultrasound are starting to be used on photovoltaic materials, quantum dot fluorescent imaging, and cancer treatments with dendrimers and nano shells as well as the fabulous potential of building entire genomes with DNA laser printing. Our refinements in manipulating the electromagnetic spectrum is bringing undreamed of solutions to all of humanity.

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