Is it possible to live forever by using technology?

Meet the industry and government leaders helping Dr. Diamandis and Qualcomm push the development of the personal medical tricorder with the Qualcomm Tricorder X-prize competition.

The emerging future of radical life extension is about to become personalized preventive medicine, rapidly improving as each year progresses. As technology reaches 3 billion more people online during the next decade, inventions, systems, and the improved quality of the information in databases in the cloud (infinite computing) will cause the exponential rate of technological evolution to increase even faster. The heavyweights of today’s medicine: surgery , mass produced prescription medications, industrial sized x-ray, CT, MRI, and ultrasound machines, chemotherapy, dialysis, cryotherapy, and radiation oncology are going the way of the dodo bird (extinction). Many disruptive technologies in medicine are starting to hit the market, allowing for cheaper and more effective standards to replace the old limited and ineffective work horses of medicine.

We already have portable ultrasound machines, this next video shows the initial discovery that has led to the creation of portable x-rays. Personalized medicine will be replacing the industrial sized x-ray machines with personal hand held, low energy x-ray imaging devices that use x-rays, generated with the sticky material in tape. Click here to see their paradigm changing discovery.

Living forever will play out as we:

  1. Monitor, treat, and prevent diseases using MEMS, smart patches, the tricorder, and instant computer diagnosis and treatment plans for the cost of electricity.
  2. Repair and replace our old organs and senses with regenerative, nano, and cybernetic solutions.
  3. Increase intelligence and awareness with internal and external computer brain interfaces optogenetics, smart surfaces, smart drugs, and virtual personal agents.
  4. Optimize our lifestyles with human enhancements and create an autonomous environment with sensors and interactive capabilities to help remove the risk of death by accident.
  5. Develop ubiquitous technology for an abundance of water, food, energy , intelligence, healthcare, and freedom worldwide.
  6. Create radical abundance with atomically precise manufacturing, nano machines, quantum computers, artificial general intelligence (AGI), leave earth and live throughout the galaxies, and rapidly maximize the evolution of the universe by designing and distributing computronium.

Fortunately, we have been working on these technologies for decades, as you can see in the videos. While number 6 (radical abundance) will not appear for a few decades, the first five are already setup for clinical trials and commercialization. The industry leaders that have made this possible give their presentations in the following series of videos which outline the specifics of their disruptive technology, answering your question “Is it possible to live forever?”

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