Living a Life of Radical Abundance with Nanofabrication

What has already started, without most people noticing, is the intimate relationship with man and machine as artificially intelligent databases and their interfaces become a part of our life to the point that we can’t do without them. They include: websites, Google, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook, twitter, RSS feeds, newsletters, and blogs. Server farms, laboratories, and virtual labs, are where humanity acquires knowledge and solves problems. Today people are starting to design and use artificially intelligent doctors (IBM’s Doctor Watson), and personal assistants (Siri, Jelly Bean, Primerlife, and Evi). This transition or subtle merging between machines, AI, and humans will be aided with interfaces such as todays: voice command, motion sensing, heat sensing, brain wave headsets, cybernetic arms, cochlear implants, deep brain implants, Google glasses, exoskeletons, leap, implantable neuro-stimulation, glucose meters, and non-contact electrocardiogram (ECG) sensors. As our understanding and applications of genetically modified organisms and synthetic life improves, it will help to expand our biological components to better incorporate both smart materials, unlimited sources of energy and wireless signals to stop aging now, improve the human brain, and ultimately prepare humans for the singularity. As we become accustomed to our exponentially improved life and capabilities, and when artificial general intelligence (AGI) is finally made, our new evolution of human enhancements will evolve with self-aware machines and virtual agents. This evolution will include hardware, organic material, and information that will evolve into complex networks (~30 years) that will expand throughout space.

Here is an animation of a nano factory (atomically precise manufacturing) to make products at home.

Is it possible to live forever with abundance? Already nano science and nanotechnology companies, university labs, and governments are working to create the tools, software, and components to create at home nanofabricators. The precursors to nanofabrication are 3D fabricators and 3D printers that already create objects with software programs. We currently use fabricators for new product engineering, 3D printing to create living tissue using stem cell technology with adult stem cells, placenta stem cells, embryonic stem cells, printing small RNA strands to create computer-made DNA and now we have the capacity to create long strings of DNA with a DNA laser printer very quickly. The at home nanofabricators, or molecular manufacturing systems that will be available around 2032 – 2037, will be able to produce more nanofabricators, making distribution a grass roots affair. 3D fabrication and near future nanotechnology are humanities hidden poverty reduction technology that will leash secret wealth to all, and the main causes of war.

Life expectancy studies use 8track player level technology as their base line in predicting humanities development and longevity. They do not use any extrapolations including the effects of technology that will actually exist in the emerging future. They incorrectly make evaluations of the future by using the very slow pace of change that is occurring in the year that they make their prediction instead of accounting for exponentially increasing improvements in their future projections. The problem is that census projections cannot include any of the effects of the medical paradigms that will extend life indefinitely. Our current technology is a trillion times more advanced than the 1970s 8track player technology. Humanities use of today’s Dr. Watson will be 1,000 times more advanced in 2020 and a million times more advanced in 2030 and a billion times in 2040. Improvements will boost the capabilities of the tricorder, personal genome, MEMS, energy, manufacturing, and human genetic engineering billions and trillions of times over, just as our tech today is a trillion times better than the 8track players in 1975. In 2045 our interaction with autonomous vehicles, furniture, surfaces, machines, society, and virtual assistants along with the operation, maintenance and upgrading of our own organs, senses, and limbs will be to the level of near instant and preemptive interactions.

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