Is it Possible to Live Forever with Unlimited Sources of Energy?

Is it possible to live forever with unlimited sources of energy? Living forever will also require energy, and lots of it, so let’s take a look at our new energy sources that will be ubiquitous, nonpolluting, and cost people nothing. Sources of energy will be based on nano solar products, solar water hydrogen convertors, kinetic energy (energy from movement), nuclear waste, thorium, your pulse, blood glucose, infrared, ocean tides, synthetic biology, and highly efficient energy storage. The world’s massive energy distribution centers, pipelines, electrical lines, cable network, coal mines, oil wells, natural gas, nuclear power plants, and gas stations will fade away. Energy will come directly from the materials that create our products, cars, homes and buildings. Humanity will no longer need the grid. Solar plastic will coat electronic products and windows generating electricity from ambient light (indoor lighting or the sun). Nanosolar coatings will cover houses and walls generating electricity for immediate use or storage in power cells. Wind and solar power devices will remove: 1) the financial cost from our wallet and 2) minimize the massive infrastructures that ruin the landscape in every city and town. Solar water hydrogen convertors will evaporate water into hydrogen which will be collected for fuel. When the hydrogen is used it turns back to water. Another company called Ubiquitous Energy is creating a solar energy material that can be applied to almost any surface. They are making it possible for solar cells to be printed directly on common materials such as paper and textiles which will allow us to get energy off the grid without creating pollution.

Is it possible to live forever with unlimited sources of energy? Living forever means that exponentially accelerating intelligence will boost paradigm changes in every field of knowledge every single minute by the year 2030. That means that the amount of intelligence, databases of knowledge, and implementation of new technologies that took place during the entire year of 2011 will be able to be accomplished in one minute in the year 2030. With this in mind, kinetic energy will also become a local source of energy with wind turbines at home and some of the newer kinetic energy collectors that are coming into the market. An abundance of energy from our own body heat, movement, blood glucose, and pulse will become the sources of energy for our new internal medical monitoring and repair microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) and other human enhancements.

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