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Nano science and nanotechnology have brought new materials and microscopic monitoring devices to nanotechnology medicine. These microscopic machines are being made to not only alert us to physiological changes but can also release medication to correct it and send wireless messages to the doctor, family, and caretakers.

The increase in human lifespan and life expectancy tables will also be brought about by:
Autonomous transportation that will stop millions of accidents per year and interactive environments that will stop, monitor, and give assistance to millions of accidents per year

Sebastian Thrun helped build Google's driverless car that was initially a DARPA program and has now spread to most of the car companies in the world.

Really Smart Materials “Computronium”

The emerging future is improving our ability to change our environment on a molecular level. The law of accelerating returns shows us that technology is developing at a faster pace as time goes on, and it also means the speed of our individual abilities are accelerating rapidly. The rate will become so rapid; because it will not be based on us, it will be based on future computing, machines, and human enhancement. The speed of our 2010 technological development and amount of advancement that occurred throughout the entire year of 2010 will occur every minute in 2030, and every second in 2036. This means that computers will acquire process, distribute, and store as many new bits of information in one minute in 2030, and in a second in 2036, as we did in the entire year of 2010. This also means that our production output, technological advancement, and distribution of the advanced products in every field and new fields that do not exist now, will be very fast and productive. With this in mind, imagine what will be occurring as we apply those highly advanced properties to the following: quantum mechanics, other dimensions, space, gravity, time, pressure, the creation of biological and synthetic life, data acquisition, storage and distribution of data, temperature, universes, atomic assembly, virtual real-estate, 3 D chips, quantum computing, sources of energy, imaging, robotic human tech, the space program, sensors and senses,  artificial general intelligence (self-aware machines), new DNA structures, and the advancement of the computronium.

Corning is creating interactive surfaces that are one of the many precursors to computronium that will allow each individual to perform at a much faster and more accurate levels. Other interactive nonhuman products include autonomous vehicles, smart materials, and virtual assistants. Here is Corning’s “A Day of Glass 2” video, showing the interactive surfaces that they are producing to will help bring information, energy, and smart tools quickly and everywhere.


Living forever has been viewed by most humans with minimal interest and those that have thought about living forever usually apply only a few generic mechanisms of action (reasons) of why it is going to happen now or ever. Opinions on living forever usually fall into the categories of: programmed death, lifestyle, soul, mutation accumulation, fate, “nobody knows”, etc. These compartmental constructs lack complexity, and while focusing on “the cause of death” can make you an expert; it also makes you woefully ignorant to the trillions of applications that can be used to save a life, or stop disease, frailty, mental decline, aging, and dying. It is quite obvious that biological evolution has served us well with the development of our species. We also see that other non-biological developments are changing our biological bodies and our ability to solve complex problems. When a biologist, philosopher, doctor, activist, or priest attributes one particular system or school of thought as the mechanism of action that allows or does not allow us to live forever, remember what their premise is leaving out. Their tidy theories leave out not just the billions of other mechanisms of action they are unaware of due to human ignorance, but it leaves out the more important new mechanisms of action that have just occurred and the mechanisms of action that will be occurring faster and faster at exponential rates, in the emerging future. Just look at what emergent properties have done to speed up and allow us to self-direct our current evolution to lengthen life expectancy. Tens of thousands of years of living at an average life expectancy that ranged from 20 to 40 years old, with the human life span of 80. In just the last 150 years the average life expectancy has reached 80 years old with human life span reaching 122 years.

Even "life expectancy by age" tables do not calculate the effects of Dr. Watson, 24/7 digital diagnostics, cellular treatments, nano machines, MEMS, regenerative medicine, nanoviricides, cybernetic limbs, bionic senses, smart tissues, genetic analysis, or a safer autonomous environment. What a scam.

Natural is Good Not so Much

Today we have imbibed physically, mentally, socially, financially, and inspirationally: non-biological implants, databases that are accessed wirelessly and used as our extended memory, chemicals to stop disease, processors used to analyze numbers, formulas, categories, survival strategies, bionic senses, cybernetic limbs, gene therapy, laws, machine production, weapons, and unprecedented altruistic goals for each living individual, none of which are “natural”. All of these things are contributing to more people living longer. We are releasing complete instant personal medical diagnostics, AI doctors, regenerative medicine, cybernetic limbs, bionic senses, printed organs, and nanotechnology medicine into society. These technologies are cheaper and give the average person the ability to correct any biological, intellectual, or environmental damage caused by disease, trauma, and aging.

We have left the age of relying on human “experts” and have entered the age where the experts rely on computers and their increasingly complex data bases to steer each individual into the best solution throughout the day. Humans can no longer keep up with the amount of information that needs to be analyzed to make an intelligent choice using complex data. Our computers are starting to make suggestions before we need things, to increase our productivity, whether it is for our health, our wealth, or our happiness. Biological, metaphysical, cosmological, and even AI based evolutionary discussions leave out all of the new knowledge that the emerging future will be pouring in to our collective information base. Remember that, when someone tells you how we can or cannot live forever. It is our own personal responsibility to use the best solutions at hand and keep updated for better solutions as time goes by. The term Singularity means that we can’t calculate changes (predict) that will occur because we do not have any idea of the vastly improved knowledge or tools that will exist after 2045. Our educated guesses become less educated the further out we go in time.

Machines have been created to solve complex problems with far better solutions then humans are capable of, thus ramping up humanities evolution into that of an adaptive post human species. As more and more interfaces develop they will allow for accelerating intelligence to be distributed and understood, continuously transforming us into a cybernetic human species. We are already on the way with smart phones, cochlear implants, the Luke arm, nanoviracides, synthetic biology, biomedical microelectromechanical systems (microscopic machines), brainwave games, Nanotope regenerative gel, artificial organs, wearable computer, computer brain interfaces to control wheel chairs, exoskeletons, and even headrest brainwave tech to wake up drivers when they fall asleep at the wheel.

Living forever is just one of The Emerging Future series of websites based on the newest technological breakthroughs that are shaping humanity’s self-directed evolution. Find out how to take advantage of the law of accelerating returns as each week progresses. If you are interested in helping projects, emerging tech conferences, Singularity University, your personal genome, online societies, or break through products, let us know and we will try to facilitate you. If you are a scientist, engineer, inventor, investor, or activist and you would like to explain how things are working out in your field, let us know. Even if you think that removing all diseases, hunger, poverty, pollution, aging, and death are wrong or that increasing each individual’s intelligence exponentially with unlimited abundance is wrong, please share your concerns with us.

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