Cybernetic Arms and Brain Computer Interfaces

Dean Kamen previews a new prosthetic arm in 2007 which is now slated for clinical trials.

Living forever will not play out according to our past concepts of human enhancements in the field of longevity. Human enhancement has taken humanity into an evolution that has not been taught by biologists, social studies, or government leaders. When you combine exponential technological growth with human enhancements and our newest ability for each individual to live forever, it changes everything, including the ability of individuals and their environment to communicate and interact, even at a distance. By replacing our frail biological parts, with smart material we will remove more of the causes of disease and the causes of death. The dream of creating a cybernetic human has come to fruition in many ways throughout the world in the last decade. Cybernetic arms are allowing amputees the ability to use their new arms to accomplish the tasks that we take for granted. They control their arms with their nerve endings, their foot, and thoughts. They can feel heat, cold, pressure, and can get their sense of touch back with their new cybernetic hands and arms. They can finally hug and feel their loved ones in their embrace. Brain computer interface technology now allows us to control computers and machines with our thoughts. Human genetic engineering, computer brain interfaces, enhanced bionic senses, and nerve regeneration, will give us advanced robotic human capabilities. With a subtler yet stronger body, using both wireless and hard wired computer brain interfaces, we will have more accurate data and analysis for us to expand our creativity, solve problems, love, empathize, and do more to make our loved ones happy, which in turn makes us happier (The secret of life). We are also learning how to take sensory information and convert it into the brain using the same electrical impulses that our natural senses create. As we evolve, our more than human intelligence will give us the understanding and capability to live long and prosper.

Miguel Nicolelis, one of the first researchers in brain computer interfaces, shows what is being done to connect primates’ thoughts to robotic arms, virtual avatars, giant robots, and exoskeletons at this TEDMED presentation.

Is it possible to live forever with human enhancements? Living forever with human enhancements being added faster and faster will quickly turn us into a much more capable humanity and a more than human species. To find out what we become, read about our new space program. Nano science and nanotechnology products will help humans adapt to living throughout space  whatever the environmental conditions may be. We invite you to visit The Emerging Future websites on the right hand side of the page. For individuals or companies that wish to show our forward thinking readers your paradigm changing services or products please contact us and visit The Emerging Future blog.

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