Available to Everyone, Synthetic Life.

Is it possible for everyone to live forever? The speed with which changes will be manifesting will impact the biological sciences radically in the 2020s, allowing many people to start breaking the bubble of the 120 year human lifespan. These new standards of stopping sickness and regenerating the body are occurring faster and faster, as technological advancement doubles each year. The following graphs give us a glimpse into the radically expansive exponential technological growth that has now become so fast, that we see big changes as the months and even weeks pass. This rapid change has not been observed throughout all of mankind’s existence, until now, and it’s only going to get faster and faster.  

Estimating the Speed of Exponential Technological Advancement

In Dr. Diamandis’s book "Abundance", he points out that the cost of many technologies in the 1980’s has been reduced to zero with today’s smart phone. In the 80’s, it would cost up to $90,000 to have video conferencing, GPS, digital voice recorder, a medical library, video camera, video player, and an encyclopedia, which are free on today’s smart phone. Dr. Diamandis, the founder of the X-prize, is helping to consolidate many types of diagnostic medical tests into the consumer’s smart phone. These medical tricorders coming out in 2017 will initially cost several hundred to a thousand dollars and perform medical diagnostics, heading off diseases before they affect us. Today it would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars if we were to schedule diagnostic studies every day of our life. During the next 10 years our virtual personal assistants will help us schedule our days to be productive, whether it is for business, pleasure, altruistic, psychological, financial, or medical reasons, and it will cost nothing.

Computers and humans together will design and create our future.

Synthetic life is seamlessly becoming a part of our world. Synthetic limbs, organs, and senses have also merged into human culture. Synthetics and artificial intelligence has blended into and has advanced the individuals life, and the human race, whether it is in a robotic, biological, cybernetic, machine, or virtual form. Dr. Craig Venter and his team have already created the first fully functioning, reproducing cell controlled by synthetic DNA. The following TED video is Dr. Venter explaining the details of this new life form spawned by a computer.

Dematerialization, Demonetization, and De-skilling

The majority of today’s skilled professionals such as accountants, attorney’s, truckers, politicians, police, traders, and corporate board members, will become obsolete, as will many manufacturing, sales, and retail jobs because they will be performed with autonomous machines. This will make the cost of services and products drop down to pennies, freeing up our days for more advanced lifestyle choices. Dematerialization, demonetization, and de-skilling will shortly become the positive buzz words that will begin the process that frees up humanity. Self-diagnostic medicine, 3D and molecular manufacturing, autonomous transportation, off the grid energy, and radical longevity will transform and disrupt many of our current industries, laws, economics, and even our moral and spiritual beliefs. The drudgery of mandatory labor and punching a clock to perform the same skill set over and over to pay our way through life will soon be gone. Humanity will become free from our financial needs and our life sentence of repetitious work to survive. During the next 15 to 20 years humanity will acquire an abundance of our necessary needs. In the next 30 years humanity will acquire a radical abundance that will expand humanity into a “more than human” society. Living forever will not be a boring, repetitious event. The next page covers how living forever with abundance which will change everything.

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