Is it possible to live forever?

Is it Possible to Live Forever by regenerating our organs, stopping disease with nanoviricides, and maintaining our own health with preventative daily diagnostic tests? Meet Dr. Robert Hariri, who is optimizing placenta derived stem cells to regrow the intestinal tract, and has successfully placed regenerative medicine in clinical trials around the world.

Living forever will be assisted with multiple nerve regeneration and tissue regeneration products in the commercial market. The founder and CEO of Celgene Cellular Therapeutics, Dr. Robert Hariri is actively working to reverse disease damage with an IV medication, that is in clinical trials for Crohn’s disease, using placenta-derived stem cells to stop the disease and grow back the intestinal wall, as it was prior to the inflammatory damage caused by Crohn’s disease. This uniquely new regenerative solution is being made for different organs. Another use of placenta derived-stem cells that Bob Hariri is developing, is for cells to grow their ion channels in alignment with micro electric interfaces so that they can grow onto and work more efficiently with bionic senses, thought controlled prosthetic/cybernetic limbs, and brain computer interfaces.

Dr. Anthony Atala has been creating new organs for over a decade at Wake Forest. This 2011 TEDMED video shows the different approaches that have already saved lives and the some of the future organ and tissue manufacturing machines that will be coming out.

Living forever is currently being pursued with personal genome engineering, regenerative medicine, bionics, and cybernetics to stop aging now. The longevity genes from supercentenarians (people older than 109 years) will be used for human genetic engineering  stem cell treatments. We are already creating cybernetic limbs, growing and printing human body organs, blood vessels, and tissues in the lab, and even putting them in and on patients. New fields of medicine are sprouting up, such as nanoviricides, which are nano sized “machines” that the viruses in our body naturally attach themselves to. Once the virus attaches to the antiviral nano machine, the nanoviricide then wraps around the virus encasing it and then alters its protein structure, making it harmless. Studies in animals show that the FluCide (the first nanoviricide to enter a clinical trial) reduced flu virus levels by 1,000-fold in mice, compared to mice treated with Tamiflu, the standard method of treatment, which showed less than a two-fold reduction in lung viral load. Human trials using FluCide are coming soon. These nanoviricides are being designed for many different viruses, including HIV, Herpes, hepatitis C, rabies and the Ebola virus. Another aspect that may develop as we reduce viruses in the body is the thwarting of cancer, since 15% of cancers are caused by viruses and research is showing that in order for cancer to develop it needs viral involvement. This “artificial immune system” of nano machines, built to stop the deadly diseases of the world, is just what the doctor ordered.

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